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SplashWater, a water cooler supplier, offers bottled water coolers, plumbed in water coolers, instant office coffee machines, drinking water fountains, office water coolers, in Birmingham, coventry and tamworth. We are open to link exchange with quality and only UK based web sites related to water coolers. We welcome webmasters and web sites owners to contact us at webmaster@splashwater.co.uk

With regards to link exchange. We accept web sites with similar or related web contents, so please have a look at our web site before contacting us for a link exchange.

Please copy the html code of our text link and paste it on your site's link page. Once you have posted our link, please send us e-Mail with the information about URL of the page where you have posted our link. As soon as we verify our link at your site, we will post a link back to your web site.

  If you are interested in our banner link, please copy and paste the following html code on your link page:


The Banner will look like this

Bottled Water Coolers
Bottled Water Coolers

  The Banner will look like this

Plumbed in Water Coolers
Plumbed in Water Coolers



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