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Bottled water coolers.

Can we sanitise the water cooler our selves?
We can provide you with a sanitisation kit, which comes with detailed step by step instructions. If there were any queries just call and we can help.
How many times a year will the cooler need sanitising?
To keep your machine to stay in pristine condition, the dispenser should be sanitised every 3 months.
Water Cooler Supplier
Can you sanitise our water cooler for us if we have purchased it?
Yes, we can still sanitise your cooler for a fee of ?0.00 per cooler.
When can you deliver the water cooler?
Normally within 48 hours.
Plumbed in water coolers.
Can you install the plumbed in cooler for us?
Yes we can arrange for engineers to install the dispenser at a cost of £95.00
Can we install the Water cooler ourselves?
Yes, we can provide an installation kit at a cost of ?9.50
How often does a water cooler have to be sanitised and filters changed
Your water cooler needs to sanitised and the filters changed every 6 months. Our engineers can do this for you at a cost of ?5.00 per visit. Alternatively we can provide you with a sanitisation kit and filters to enable you to carry out the work.
What do the filters do?
Our water filters improve the taste of drinking water by reducing bad tastes and odours, and chlorine, leaving you with fresh clear filtered water.

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