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Bottled Water Coolers

A bottled water cooler is an independent device that can be used to dispense water from removable plastic bottles. You can easily replace empty water bottles with filled ones without any risk. You can place the bottle spout down into the dispensing machine. Each machine holds 18.9 litres of spring water. The refrigeration function chills the water and a small basin is there to catch minor spills. Their is a second dispenser to deliver hot water that can be used for tea, hot chocolate, instant coffee etc.

Water coolers are popular among the people as they love to have an icy cold drink. You also do not need to keep water in the refrigerator as you can always have chilled water. It works great in an outside enclosed area as everybody can just help himself to a refreshing drink.

So free yourselves from the risk of tap water infection with our clean bottled water coolers that is free of bacteria and germs and get one for yourself. Enjoy a chilled glass of water on a hot day and from our hot water dispenser, a refreshing cup of tea in the morning to wake you up and prepare you for the day ahead.

Splashwater offers standard, executive and premium bottled water coolers in Birmingham and the Midlands. Send us your enquiries through email or by completing a simple online form click here.


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